Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kinnaur & Spiti valley

Kinnaur and Spiti : If you want to enjoy the creativity of Nature then
there is no better places than Kinnaur and Spiti Valleys. Kinnaur is known
for its green valleys and remote villages whereas Spiti is famous for its
geological carving. Kinnaur  is the place where the legends for Hindu epic
originated. Still there are some remote villages where the old traditions
are followed and are the basic foothold of the life. You will have a chance
to visit the old forts, wooden temples famous for their wood carvings, pine
nut forests and traditional villlages.

Spiti is the moonlike landscape. Once the seabed of Tythes ocean, from
where the Himalaya aroused, Spiti offers a mind boggling landscape to the
visitor. A place where the nature creates miracles without any vegetation.

The area remains cut of from the rest of the world for nearly six months so
the best time to plan a trip to Spiti valley is from May till October.

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