Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kufri ( Tourist attraction in winter )

Kufri : once upon a time this famous tourist place to the north east of Shimla was known for its ski slopes. The British introduced skiing in India and Shimla – being the Summer capital, skiing was one of the major adventure sports for the British gentry. Now the ski slopes have been found in Narkanda – 64 km from Shimla but Kufri still remains attractive with its marvellous views of Himalayan peaks and  a Nature Park. In the Park, the leopards hold a major attraction for all. A horse ride upto the Mahasu peak is recommended, from where the view of the Himalayan peaks is much better.

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Unknown said...

Kufri is one of the beautiful place of Himachal that gives you beautiful time spending with the uttermost beauty of the place. You can easily make a visit of this place from here. The place is generally provide a wonderful time spending that you can plan with your family.